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لا توجد أخبار
What are ?

Youth Hostels are places that are comfortably equipped with many different facilities. They have dormitories, restaurants, as well as halls and playgrounds for practicing cultural, social, and sports activities. Youth hostels are apt to receive young people from all over the world during their travels and trips. Youth hostels provide youth with the proper environment and with the suitable programs to achieve mutual understanding and cooperation between them as well as their mates from other countries and help build bridges of friendship and confidence among them.

Moreover, Youth hostels encourage youth to move and travel. They also help increase the knowledge of young people and train them to depend on themselves and be more disciplined by following the rules and by being involved in the public service and teamwork activities.

The idea of youth hostels movement originated mainly in the mind of a German teacher, Richard Schirrmann, at the beginning of the twentieth century. Sherman found in "school trips" the adequate treatment for many disadvantages of formal school syllabus, in a manner which can not be achieved by any textbook. As the circle of travels expanded, the need to create suitable places for accommodation on travel sites and at close distances arose. Therefore, in 1912, the first real youth hostel opened in the old castle of Altena after which, the movement spread in most parts of Europe and from there, it spread in all over the world. On 20 October 1932, the first international conference was held at a hotel in Amsterdam. It was attended by representatives from 11 hostel associations. The conference marks the birth of the International Youth Hostel Federation – the organization today better known as Hostelling International.

Hostelling International has now more than 60 associations. Therefore, getting a membership in Saudi Arabian Youth Hostels Association, means, you will be able to enjoy accommodation and participation in the available programs organized by all its youth hostels whether these activities are national or international. Nowadays, there are 4000 youth hostels around the world, spread in more than 80 countries.

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