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A On the central level of the Association:

Saudi Arabian Youth Hostels Association is highly interested in carrying out many distinct activities which require a congregational participation of all members of youth hostels in the Kingdom. This is to promote the spirit of competition among members of youth hostels in the Kingdom. It allocates numerous financial prizes, trophies, shields and gifts for the winners as an impetus for development and growth of work performance among individuals and groups.

The association organizes:

1 An Annual Cultural Competition on the Cup of His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal Bin Fahd, "May Allah shower him with His mercy", which is supported by HRH, General President of Youth Welfare and President of Saudi Arabian Youth Hostels Association along with his deputy.

2 Central Research Competition for members of Youth Hostels, in which, topics are usually chosen to serve local community's issues where the best three researches are chosen by a specialized arbitration committee.

3 Art Gallery Competition among members of Youth Hostels where each youth hostel organizes a competition among its members and then selects the best paintings. Then these paintings are sent to the association's headquarters to be included on the central level participation under the conditions stated by the association. Finally, a specialized committee selects the best three winning paintings.

4 - Annual Evaluation Competition among youth hostels where a committee from the association pays visits to all youth hostels in the Kingdom to assess them according to specific criteria that surely cover all the administrative and technical aspects, in accordance with IYHF, assured standards. Then the committee, selects the best two hostels from category (a, and c) and the best three hostels from category (b).

Finally, the Association declares the results of such competitions in its closing ceremony for the central activity programme, which is organized annually under the auspices of HRH, General President of Youth Welfare and President of SAYHA along with his Deputy. 

5 Issuing the annual Handbook of SAYHA and distributing it to IYHF member associations in order to spread awareness of the Youth Hostels Movement among youth and adults alike, as well as identifying with the achievements of Saudi Arabian YHA. In addition, the association issues pamphlets, fliers, brochures on various occasions and especially during its central activity programme.

6 SAYHA also arranges and organizes central trips for members of Youth Hostels in and outside the Kingdom.

8 - Participating in all events celebrated by the Kingdom at local and international levels.  


B - On the hostels level:

Activities are carried out in youth hostels in Saudi Arabia according to an accredited annual activity programme in cultural, social and sports areas. Hostels are committed to implement the activity program that is listed and approved by the annual plan and that is scheduled by every hostel on a monthly basis.  Hostels focus on junior users and try to attract them to participate in projects that will serve local environment. They urge them to be interested in serving their community as well as participating in activities such as days and weeks of public service. The association also participates in the activities of the General Presidency for Youth Welfare by carrying out them through forming families and groups within its hostels. It allocates a budget for each hostel for
the expenditure on the implementation of the activity programme.